Unsafe to drive

Vehicles of all types and sizes, including over-sized, use Rosanna Road as if it was a freeway. It is NOT a freeway. And for us residents of this TOTALLY RESIDENTIAL road, it’s our intensely noisy, dangerous home. THERE HAS TO BE CHANGE.

The issues

  • Two lanes in each direction, as well as turning lanes, that are too narrow due to the limited road pavement width
  • The growing size of heavy vehicles, often travelling side by side
  • The camber (slope) of the road towards the gutters causing large vehicles to travel along the road on angle
  • Power poles close to the roadway which are often ‘shaved’ by the top of trucks due to the camber of the road.

The evidence

  • Footpaths littered with broken side mirrors, power poles too regularly smashed by trucks, and frequent accidents.

VICROADS RELEASED A SAFETY ASSESSMENT of Rosanna Road in May 2016. A copy of this report can be found on the VicRoads website:

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