Residents’ fears

ALL DRIVERS FEEL UNSAFE AND VULNERABLE when travelling on Rosanna Road.

PEDESTRIANS, INCLUDING SCHOOL CHILDREN FEEL UNSAFE walking along Rosanna Road or crossing at main intersections such as Station Street and Banyule Road due to:

  • The narrow nature strip which separates the footpath and the roadway
  • The intimidating size (and roar) of trucks, forced by the narrow lanes to pass within inches of the pavement
  • Vehicles driving straight through red crossing lights

RESIDENTS FEEL UNDER THREAT whenever they attempt to drive into or out of their properties, because of:

  • The sheer force of traffic, making it hard to enter – and the risk of being hit by vehicles in the inner lane
  • The impatience of drivers when residents try to turn back into their properties
  • The fear of being hit from behind, especially by trucks, coming up fast from the rear, often in the process of changing lanes
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