Photo evidence

Here is a small selection of the photo and video evidence of the dangers, collected by pedestrians and drivers along Rosanna Road. See the latest on our Facebook page. SEND US A REPORT AND PHOTOS when you witness an incident.

Red light running

Corner of Rosanna Road and Station Road. Red light means stop! But ...
... this truck doesn't stop. It happens frequently every day.

Trucks don't fit

Trucks don’t fit, this is an everyday issue all residents must face

Note, how the blue car has no option but to move out of the truck's way. This is intimidating, and highly risky.
The truck on the left is waiting in the Banyule Road slip lane to turn right. The red truck can't fit its lane. Vehicles behind are waiting, while it pulls out to pass.
B-doubles, cranes and other max-length, max-width trucks in two lanes in BOTH directions on a fully residential road? There have to be alternatives!

Power pole smashes

Power poles along Rosanna Road are regularly torn down by passing trucks, at great risk to drivers and pedestrians
The road camber tilts vehicles towards poles that are right at the road's edge.

Curfew busters

Trucks of 16.5 tonnes or more are banned from Rosanna Road and other key arterial roads in the north-east between 10pm and 6am. Despite this, trucks are busting the curfew. SEND US YOUR PHOTO EVIDENCE via our Facebook page, and we'll post it here.
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