North-East link

Resolve Rosanna Road (RRR) believes the building of the North East Link is essential – as PART of what needs to be a broad-based, long-term freight and commuter plan for Melbourne that emphasises rail, and a range of innovative strategies, aimed at reducing road dependence.

We support the concept of the NELink freeway provided it delivers the best outcome for Rosanna Road in terms of improving safety and amenity, addressing congestion and improving accessibility for the local community.

What Does a Successful NELINK project look like?

We believe NELink is successful if it delivers on:

  • Removing ALL through freight off Rosanna Road – including OD loads and dangerous goods trucks
  • Removing through traffic off Rosanna Road
  • Improvement to the amenity and safety of Rosanna Road for the local community

For the current NELink proposed alignment options to be successful the options must be modified to include:

  • A permanent, legislated freight ban on Rosanna Road (including OD’s and dangerous good vehicles).
  • Capacity in the design and development of NELink to cater for future needs to avoid Rosanna Road performing as a default freeway.
  • Reduced or no Tolls on NELink to encourage through traffic use – OR toll Rosanna Road for through traffic to encourage use of NELink
  • Amenity improvement works to Rosanna Road such as reduction in speed limits, dedicated pedestrian/bike over or underpasses, dedicated bike lane along the roadway and landscape treatments.
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