Fix it now


Resolve Rosanna Road calls for:

  • Reduced speed limit on Rosanna Road, for the safety of all, and to allow residents less threatening access to their driveways
  • Safer passage for pedestrians across Rosanna Road at all existing crossing points and:
  • An additional pedestrian crossing between Darebin and St James Roads. (Daniel Andrews has now promised new crossings at Yarra Street and Brown Street intersections)
  • A designated pedestrian/bike crossing over or under Rosanna Road near Station Road, to access Rosanna Station and shopping centre
  • Traffic lights at St James Road. (Daniel Andrews has now promised these)
  • Safety cameras for speed and red light. (The Justice Department now says they are coming, for both Darebin St and Banyule Road intersections)
  • Trucks restricted to a single lane
  • No engine braking. (Should become even more unnecessary once speed is reduced)
  • Relocation of those power poles that are considered hazardous, back from the roadway to avoid trucks bringing them down by truck tilt. (WE DO NOT support putting all power underground, as this makes our road more attractive as a default freeway)

Full and ongoing monitoring

Resolve Rosanna Road also calls for odour and noise monitoring, to assess the real impact of this road on the health of residents, and of children in the two schools that back onto the road.


When the North East Link is built, our vision for Rosanna Road is a two-lane road with designated bike lanes, and a ban on all through freight vehicles.

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