Great plan for the West, but what about Rosanna Road?

Good on the Maribrynong Truck Action Group for working up a plan with the Victorian Truck Action Group that, if adopted by State authorities, would see the most polluting trucks having their hours restricted, AND the imposition of a 50km/hr speed limit.

In The Age report of September 13, VTA chief executive Peter Anderson is quoted as saying:

“The transport industry is an equal stakeholder on the roads, and we’re acknowledging the value of community amenity.”

It was hoped that lowering the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h on the truck routes would make the streets safer, he said.

“The trucks are getting bigger but the roads aren’t. An extra seven seconds on Francis street isn’t going to add to productivity, but slowing speeds from 60 to 50 will certainly help mitigate risk.”

Sensible talking. Responsible thinking. Mr Anderson, as you know, for several years Resolve Rosanna Road has been seeking similar considerations for our road, which is totally overburdened with trucks that are getting bigger, and with every level of pollution.

We therefore look forward to working with you on OUR plan.




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