Horror stories

This is such a dangerous road to drive on. I have had a mirror ripped off by a truck driving way too fast and my husband's car (the medial wheels) were lifted off the road and he was towed for 300 metres by a truck. The truck driver had no idea his car was attached! The road is too narrow for the trucks that travel at speed along it
While stationery in the right hand slip lane turning into Station St I was side- swiped by a semi-trailer that didn't stop
My husband had almost been cleaned up turning off Banyule Rd numerous times by trucks and cars running the red light. This is a daily event!
In at least 70% of the trips that I make along Rosanna Road, I am put in danger either by being forced over the middle of the road by a commercial vehicle to my left moving out of its lane to avoid street fixtures on the footpath or I am forced to move to the left of the middle lane to avoid a head-on collision with an approaching vehicle which has crossed the centre lane to avoid contact with a vehicle to its left
I have nearly been collected so many times I've lost count while waiting in a slip lane to turn into St James Rd. It's just plain dangerous
A truck was next to me on Rosanna Road literally pushing me into oncoming traffic. It was far too wide for this road and nobody could overtake it. It is extremely dangerous and needs to be addressed