Help us Resolve Rosanna Road

Massive trucks jostling for space across four dangerously narrow lanes, regular accidents and every day cars and trucks running red lights at pedestrian crossings. The noise is extreme, the air quality terrible.
Our health and our sanity are being compromised.

please Sign our petition now!

  • WE ACCEPT that Melbourne’s massive, unrelenting growth is putting a huge strain on liveability standards right across the city, not just Rosanna Road
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT that we therefore have to simply ‘put up with it’. The whole of Rosanna and Heidelberg, surrounding Rosanna Road, is Totally residential. Our Health, our Safety, must be taken seriously! Rosanna Road is not a Freeway.

Our needs are urgent

Please help us spread the word on this petition!! Ask all your family, friends and work colleagues to sign it. Anyone who uses Rosanna Road will agree it’s not safe and needs immediate attention.
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