The Issues

ALL DRIVERS FEEL UNSAFE AND VULNERABLE when travelling on Rosanna Road.

Vehicles of all types and sizes, including over-sized, use Rosanna Road as if it was a freeway. It is NOT a freeway. And for us residents of this TOTALLY RESIDENTIAL road, it’s our intensely noisy, dangerous home. THERE HAS TO BE CHANGE.


  • two lanes in each direction, as well as turning lanes, that are too narrow due to the limited road pavement width
  • the growing size of heavy vehicles, often travelling side by side
  • the camber (slope) of the road towards the gutters causing large vehicles to travel along the road on angle
  • power poles close to the roadway which are often ‘shaved’ by the top of trucks due to the camber of the road.

THE EVIDENCE: Footpaths littered with broken side mirrors, power poles too regularly smashed by trucks, and frequent accidents.

VICROADS RELEASED A SAFETY ASSESSMENT of Rosanna Road in May 2016. A copy of this report can be found on the VicRoads website:

Safety report Rosanna Road

PEDESTRIANS, INCLUDING SCHOOL CHILDREN FEEL UNSAFE walking along Rosanna Road or crossing at main intersections such as Station Street and Banyule Road due to:

  • the narrow nature strip which separates the footpath and the roadway
  • the intimidating size (and roar) of trucks, forced by the narrow lanes to pass within inches of the pavement
  • Vehicles driving straight through red crossing lights

Safely getting in and out of our driveways is always a gamble.

RESIDENTS FEEL UNDER THREAT whenever they attempt to drive into or out of their properties, because of:

  • The sheer force of traffic, making it hard to enter – and the risk of being hit by vehicles in the inner lane
  • The impatience of drivers when residents try to turn back into their properties
  • The fear of being hit from behind, especially by trucks, coming up fast from the rear, often in the process of changing lanes


THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING of residents is significantly affected by constant noise, from well before 6.00 in the morning until late into the evening.

VicRoads released a noise assessment of Rosanna Road in May 2016.

Acoustic Report Rosanna Road (1)

The noise from traffic impacts on the amenity and health of residents on and surrounding Rosanna Road. Trucks use engine brakes day and night, disturbing our sleep and right to peace. Residents several streets back are affected by the noise. It’s unacceptable that the mental health of so many people is impacted by traffic noise from this road.


The intense volume of cars and trucks on Rosanna Road brings a heavy concentration of vehicle fumes. These fumes affect the health of residents on and adjoining Rosanna Road, including school children in playgrounds abutting the road. The concentration of emissions surrounding Rosanna Road is impacting the long-term health of our community.