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I am horrified constantly by the volume and size of freight traffic roaring past my kids and I (as well as other unaccompanied minors) as we stand waiting for pedestrian lights to change. Then watching speeding trucks unable to slow down or stop for a red light. It is a miracle that no pedestrian has been killed or seriously injured to date - but there have been too many near misses!
The government needs to act now, this road is terrible 24/7. What will it take for those in power to do something? A fatality? It is ridiculous to have b double trucks rat running through a suburban area. Do something Vic Gov!
I have to cross Rosanna Road at least twice a day and it's taking a risky chance every time (on foot or in my car). Like living in this area with the exception of this road, and seriously consider moving to avoid it. Had a truck hit my car recently and fail to stop, right near childcare at Darebin St.
I live on this road and walk along it with my 2 small children every day. My main concern are the amount of truck's rear view mirrors that get smashed off from swipping the power poles and get shot all over the footpaths. The glass and plastic, which is travelling at high speeds is a serious risk to the safety of pedestrians, especially children
The trucks are dangerous when they drive next to each other in lanes that are only big enough for cars. We no longer use turning lanes to get into our streets as you take you life into your own hands trying to turn. Find an alternate route for all trucks on Rosanna Road. If my next letter I'm writing is because a friend or family member has been killed I will take this so much further
I live behind Rosanna Rd. I previously lived on Nicholson St, Fitzroy Nth. I have never seen a road like this. Personally, I have crossed the lights at Darebin St in front of a police car while a truck ran through a red light and could have harmed myself or my child. Something doesn't add up. Someone needs to act before a child is killed
I have sat in the middle of Rosanna road trying to turn to get home, just waiting to be hit. It is dangerous and cannot handle even half the volume it carries
I cross over Rosanna Road daily, in my walk to Rosanna train station. It’s very confronting being so close to large trucks and speeding cars on the footpath of Rosanna Road. All voters should send the current elected members packing at the next series of elections and into the future until something is done. Not just for us but for our children. The proposed North- East Link won’t be a silver bullet and we continue to see large traffic volumes use Rosanna Road, as it’ll be the toll free route. A permanent fix is required
This is a small, local, residential road that is entirely unsuitable for its current unofficial use as a major freight thoroughfare
As a resident I see traffic incidents and infrastucture damage regularly. Car drivers waiting to turn right into Banyule Rd are at extreme risk as trucks regularly run red lights
We used to live in Alfreda avenue Rosanna right off Rosanna road. The noise pollution made living there so unhealthy for our family. The traffic congestion made the drive to and from work anxiety provoking. We loved our little house and our garden. Over the five years we lived there, the time we could spend outside diminished due to the noise and pollution. We NEVER walked along Rosanna road; it felt unsafe and was not a comfortable walk. Such a lovely area that is ruined by the lack of traffic infrastructure. BTW truck ban was a joke. From our bedroom we could see on to Rosanna rd and the curfew was not enforced and was therefore abused
I live in Cape Street the rat run that thousands of cars use each day to avoid the totally gridlocked dangerous Rosanna Road. Two schools and a football oval in Cape street where kids have to avoid the rat runners most of whom are rushing and it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed on Cape Street and/or Rosanna Road. Sate Government should be totally ashamed for avoiding this serious problem
Rosanna road is a disgrace it's too narrow for 4 lanes of traffic congestion. People living on this street are unable to get safely in and out of there properties. It's dangerous anytime of the day
This community cannot be expected to wait for the NE Link. Rosanna Road is a vital local link. This purpose is defeated by expecting it to also be a major arterial connection between the Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway. The government's actions to date are totally inadequate. A strategy is required to deliver a real solution in months, not years
I have lived on Rosanna Road for over 41yrs. Even with a sensor that triggers the traffic to let us out of our driveway, we continue to have near misses as drivers enter on to Rosanna Road and continuously run the red light. Everyday we risk our life leaving our house, what will it take for something serious to be done???
When it is time to cut the nature strip in front of the house, I am often too afraid to do so given the cars & trucks often come so close to the edge I am fearful that one may clip me as it goes by. This is only too evident by the chips and scratches against the power pole where trucks have come along and clipped it. Seriously it's a 'Road', not a highway! – LUCAS TUSEC
Why won't the government get the big trucks off this road?!? They can't actually fit in the lanes.. This is an unfair situation, the gov clearly is taking donations from the VTA and freight companies so they turn a blind eye to this debacle
I work at I child care centre on this Rd and have been working there for over 16 years. The cars drive too fast and the trucks run through red lights –
My daughter's child care is on the road. I have to cross Rosanna rd twice a day to get there and always stand well back from the road when waiting for the lights to turn. The number of trucks and lorries that go past is huge. Constantly see lorries driving side by side, and its only a narrow road –
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