Here are some frequently asked questions:

True, the situation city-wide is getting worse by the year. And even tangible improvements – such as the current level crossing removals and rail improvements – seem to get swallowed through continuing population pressure.

Over and above this, there are quite specific concerns with Rosanna Road: most significant being the widely-acknowledged danger and health hazards from having more and more massive trucks, including B-doubles and over-dimensional, weaving along four under-width lanes through a totally residential area.

Rosanna Road is acknowledged by all authorities and all shades of politics, both State and Federal, as being one of the biggest problem roads in Melbourne. Our concerns are genuine and we will continue to push hard, for the wellbeing not just of locals, but of all who use this road.

Other communities need to push for their own improvements.

The reality is, Melbourne’s transport infrastructure is on a road to increased horror, as our population grows relentlessly towards a predicted 8+ million population by 2050. (Using the year to June 2016 as an example 2,423 extra people moved into Melbourne EVERY WEEK).

Radical solutions are needed, that take into account all aspects of our citizens’ wellbeing. It’s not just about transport – it’s about where people live relative to their employment, creating more liveable environments, developing satellite cities, and so many other factors.

Firstly, it will be a minimum of seven to 10 years before the North-East Link is built. Or possibly 15 years, if there is a change of government in the 2018 State elections. So the current chaos will continue at least until then, unless action is taken now.

A Rosanna/Heidelberg child born this year risks having to live with the road’s dangers until he or she is seven to 15 years’ old.

Action is also needed now to ensure the eventual freeway really does deliver solid safety and amenity benefits to the Rosanna/Heidelberg community.

Definitely not. We are here for all who either live on or near the road, and definitely also for the drivers who face its dangers.


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