A plea to politicians

State political leaders – you’re all well-briefed on the situation that is Rosanna Road. ​​

If our safety issues are not fully addressed quickly, we believe it is only a matter of time before there is a fatality.


Building the North East Link is NOT in itself the answer for Rosanna Road.

We at Resolve Rosanna Road Road are not opposed to the Link. In fact, despite reservations over some of the detail, we think it is necessary. HOWEVER there are urgent safety issues still needing to be addressed on our road, and IMMEDIATELY, not in a decade’s time.

YES, we appreciate that some important improvements have been announced – most notably, safety cameras, and intersection and pedestrian crossing implementations. But these can only be seen as the first steps in the right direction.

This website outlines the issues, and our proposed solutions.

State political leaders – we have time and again raised these issues with you, through private meetings as well as through public forums.

We were also given very strong indications through the North East Link Authority that there would be considerable local benefits – with both a safety and amenity focus – ahead of the link being built. But we are not confident of much happening.

So, politicians, what’s it going to be – action now, or sit back and wait for a death or two first?