Please click here to read about Labor and Liberal’s response to our questions about Rosanna Road: Answers from Politicans 17 11 14


3 thoughts on “Labor and Liberal’s Response for Rosanna Road

  1. Max

    It seems to me that there is great resistance to changes. This is the reason why politicians aren’t acting because there is opposition towards a link in between the Metropolitan Ring and The Eastern freeway. That is the only solution that could give us a less polluted and more equitable place to live. I understand the value of the Banyule flats as I go there very often for a walk and that’s a beautiful place, however a missing link in between the two freeways is causing, air pollution, safety issues, unacceptable noise levels and is basically inhibiting Banyule residents to access a job on the eastern side of the city. I live in Heidelberg and work in Tullamarine. It only takes me 25 mins to get there, What if I were interested in a job on the Eastern side of the city? How long would it take to commute there? What about the level of frustration on daily basis? The lack of infrastructures is basically affecting our freedom.

  2. Dave P

    Yes unfortunately we are not a priority because we are not a swinging electorate. Liberals state – we won’t see anything until 2050 ????Labour says a link does not have support of the electorate ????? All our government representation at over last decade have done an appalling job in maintaining the areas living standards. We must have this north east link built urgently


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