Fed up with Rosanna Road?

Fed up with Rosanna Road?? Vote for it in the RACV and Leader red spot survey. It’s online and only takes a minute to vote. We need as many people to vote to demonstrate there really is a problem!

3 thoughts on “Fed up with Rosanna Road?

  1. Charles

    Yes I agree Rosanna Rd is a traffic nightmare, but stop your hand ringing, complaining & playing political games, If you are completely serious about getting some action to resolve this you need direct action. The way to get this direct action is to involve the greater community you need their voices too. The community in this case are those who regularly drive through Rosanna Rd. e.g. the general residents, morning & even motorists, trucking firms, courier vans, taxis, EMERENCY SERVICES etc etc. You get the community involve by taking legitimate action. Form morning and evening walking / fitness groups. From memory there are six to eight sets of traffic / pedestrian lights crossing Rosanna Rd. Set out in your morning & even walking groups in opposite directions crossing Rosanna Rd regularly at each & every set of lights. In a very short time traffic will be backed up to the Freeways & Ring road. The side roads & rat runs will also fill up, became congested quickly causing traffic grid lock. Now you have got the communities attention. Good Luck enjoy your walk it’s good for your health & will benefit your greater community.

  2. Mark

    I’ll give another perspective here. I live in Mernda and travel to Kew everyday. I have to battle arguably the worst congested road in the state, being Plenty rd, just to get on the ring road .I then must drive down greensborough highway where I estimate every third vehicle to be a truck. Onto rosanna rd where the neverending roadworks slows to a complete standstill. Once again I estmate every third vehicle to be a truck. I am forced to detour through Heidelberg back streets to avoid the mess that is Burgundy st. Estimated daily travel 3 hrs +.! I will also add I once saw a truck wedge a vehicle and trap the female driver of the car whilst driving around the bend that joins greensborough rd with lower plenty rd. Getting worse by the day

    1. Resolve Rosanna Road Post author

      The resolve rosanna road community group realises that Rosanna Road and surrounding roads is a hassle for commuters too, not just local residents.
      Something needs to be done about the roads connection north to south.


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