Introducing Resolve Rosanna Road


Resolve Rosanna Road is a not for profit community group established to demand action from the State Government to address the traffic problems on Rosanna Road, Rosanna.

There has never been an organised group established to represent the interests of the residents, businesses and commuters who are affected by the impacts of Rosanna Road. This group has been established to rally support for action to resolve traffic problems on Rosanna Road.



Traffic Volumes

Rosanna Road was never designed as a major aerial road. It was established as residential local feeder road. The road now acts as a main link between the Western Ring Road at Greensborough and the Eastern Freeway. The volume of traffic using this road is inappropriate. The road is not designed to cater for traffic volumes experienced on Rosanna Road.


Traffic Congestion

Rosanna Road is so congested during peak times that traffic is often banked up for kilometres at main intersections. Vehicle commuters are fed up with waiting to get passage down Rosanna Road, and local residents are fed up with being local unable to travel within their local areas. Due to traffic congestion, commuters become frustrated and ‘rat run’ through local streets which impacts of residents amenity. Traffic congestion is unacceptable.



Rosanna Road is utilised as a major truck route to link the Western Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway. The reason this is such as major issue is Rosanna Road is a residential area, not a highway!!

Trucks travelling through Rosanna road bring:

  • 24hr truck noise (see below)
  • Truck fumes which impact residents, pedestrians, businesses and school children.
  • Safety concerns for residents, pedestrians and vehicle drivers on the narrow road with these trucks.

The use of Rosanna Road by trucks is unacceptable. Rosanna Road is not a freeway.



The noise from traffic impacts on the amenity and health of residents on and surrounding Rosanna Road. Trucks utilise engine brakes all day and night which impacts on the liveability of the area. Trucks are disturbing people’s sleep and right to peace. Trucks can be heard by residents kilometres from Rosanna Road. It’s unacceptable that so many people are impacted by traffic noise from this road.



The community feels vulnerable and unsafe when walking along Rosanna road. Due to the number of trucks, their noise and heavy loads it feels unsafe to utilise our pedestrian access along Rosanna Road and across Rosanna Road. There is a fear of debris coming off trucks and the size of truck intimidating pedestrians. The road makes people feel ‘unsafe’, and for this reason Rosanna Road has divided our community – the community of the Viewbank side of Rosanna Road and that on the Rosanna side. The safety issue is a real one and is unacceptable.




Air Quality

Due to the high volume of cars and trucks utilising the Rosanna Road there is a high concentration of vehicle fumes within the vicinity of Rosanna Road. These fumes impact of the health of residents adjoining Rosanna road, primary school children whom play in playgrounds abutting Rosanna Road, pedestrians and businesses. The concentration of emissions surrounding Rosanna Road is impacting on the health of our community.


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