WELCOME to Resolve Rosanna Road


A not-for-profit community group, challenging the State Government and VicRoads to fully address the traffic problems on Rosanna Road.


Please support this petition, we can’t wait 10 years for the NE link to be constructed Rosanna Road needs to be resolved immediately.



A 100% RESIDENTIAL road (except for the extreme Southern section) running through Rosanna and Heidelberg, that has the misfortune to be on the default path for traffic travelling between the Western Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway. This narrow stretch, over-stuffed with four lanes, is treated as if it was a freeway by commuters and heavy vehicle drivers. For the health and safety of all, THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

Early morning, Rosanna Road, southbound


We stay informed and active through regular contact with local, State and Federal government, as well as road user groups such as RACV and the VTA (Victorian Transport Association). We appreciate that each sector has differing viewpoints and issues to deal with. But we are forthright and determined on behalf of our community

The mix of cars and trucks, using our road as if it were a freeway, is lethal

WE ACCEPT that Melbourne’s massive, unrelenting growth is putting a huge strain on liveability standards right across the city, not just Rosanna Road

WE DO NOT ACCEPT that we therefore have to simply ‘put up with it’. The whole of Rosanna and Heidelberg, surrounding Rosanna Road, is TOTALLY RESIDENTIAL. Our Health, our Safety, must be taken seriously! ROSANNA ROAD IS NOT A FREEWAY.

Four under-sized lanes are full for much of the time, from early morning until late at night. Our fully-residential road is  bombarded with unacceptably high noise and pollution levels.


The current situation is totally unacceptable – massive trucks jostling for space across four dangerously narrow lanes, regular pole-smashing incidents and other accidents, and every day cars and trucks running red lights at pedestrian crossings. The noise is extreme. The air quality terrible. Our health and our sanity are being compromised.

Note how this truck, in order to negotiate around a truck in the Banyule Road turning lane, has to move out into the adjoining lane. Traffic to the left of this truck has stopped, to allow this process.

Our Objectives

  • To demand action from all authorities to address our health and safety issues in the immediate as well as long term
  • To improve safety for all road users
  • To support the development of the Northeast Link as a designated, permanent truck route for all freight and over-dimensional vehicles. To demand a permanent ban of ALL non-local freight vehicles and over dimensional vehicles on Rosanna Road when North East Link is built
  • To achieve safe passage across and alongside Rosanna Road for pedestrians – especially during school times
  • To demand the Federal government provide Victoria with a fairer share of infrastructure funding
  • To reduce toxic air and noise pollution – for our health AND our sanity!

Parents crossing Rosanna Road with children report cars and trucks running red lights on a daily basis.

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